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Firework fear – Prepare Early

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Firework fear – it may be more common than you think! As much as we enjoy watching fireworks and screaming at the loud bangs that follow sadly for many this can mean a time of upset and anxiety. In some areas firework night is not just a one-night affair anymore,

Arthritis in cats

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Recent studies have indicated that over 90% of cats suffer with arthritis in their later years, I personally wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t higher. We spend lots of time with our dogs and so start to notice them slowing down on walks, becoming stiff when they stand after a

Britain’s Favourite Dog Breeds

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As you can imagine in my job I see a lot of dogs of all shapes and sizes, colours and breeds. I am often asked ‘What is your favourite breed of dog?’ This I always find a hard one as I suppose its a bit like that cliche of ‘what

My dog doesn’t like to be left!

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One of the most common behaviour issues that dog owners seek help for is separation anxiety problems. When working in veterinary practice we are often told by an anxious owner that their dog doesn’t like to be left and its then quite obvious once the dog is taken away from

Pets are good for the whole family

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The UK is known for being a nation of animal lovers and so it is not surprising that a 2015 Pet Population Report estimated almost half of UK households own a pet giving a total of approximately 58 million pets. I feel that owning a pet (or in my case

Think Cat at Christmas

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Christmas is an exciting time for young and old, who embrace all the celebrations and family gatherings, however for our feline friends it can be a very stressful time. Incidents of cystitis can be very common at this festive period as cats find it hard to adapt to all of

Are my dogs nails too long??

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What happens if your nails are too long? Do they catch on things or worse still rip off?? This is what can happen if your dogs nails are too long and can be extremely sore if they are unlucky enough to rip one off. There is no one size fits

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